Amato Schreiber is your safety approach to the German market

You are producing high quality foods from your region and you are already strong in your domestic market? Maybe you already have connections in other European countries- but the German market was always closed? Then Amato Schreiber is the right partner for you!

Use our experience- and our good relations

More than two decades we are on the way to access the German consumer into authentic Mediterranean food with high quality. Our mission is to establish your excellent and honest products on the German market, if they have been produced with emotion and dedication, for a prize every ordinary citizen can pay.

Amato Schreiber has excellent contacts to the German food retail and knows exactly what purchaser are looking for. Our know-how and certificates are helpful to enjoy our fully trust. And even if it is hard to believe: the purchasers are always looking for good products with a “heart” and an individual story. In all aspects, your brand remains in the focus!

For understanding the particularity of your product, we communicate with you in your native language. We are regularly present in Italy and Greece to keep in contact with our manufactures, stay by your side and find new potential products.

Do not hesitate to contact us, we’ll be pleased to get a message or become a call!